NubisPro OSTEO with Custom Logo Print

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NubisPro OSTEO with Custom Logo Print



Mattress size: 190 x 65 x 20 cm

Height adjustment : 60 - 85 cm

Working load: max 25

The most portable professional physiotherapy table. Extremely durable full - size table, packed in a backpack. Branded with your logo!

After placing your order we will be in touch with you to get all the files needed for custom mock-up. You can chose your color depending on what you believe works best with your logo colors/print.


Extremely portable

Inside a smart and easy transportable backpack with wheels, you can bring NubisPro everywhere, anytime.


Quickly prepared

It only takes 2-3 minutes to be completely prepared to help an athlete.


Extreme weight capacity

Base of the table is made from superior and extremely solid steel construction, which gives to NubisPro great stability and amazing weight capacity of 250 kg and can easily hold both, athlete and therapist.


Therapist friendly

Transporting NubisPro is comfortable and simple, even by foot or by bus.


Patient comfort

Pressure based system, shifting headrest and very flexible and elastic top surface material gives patient ultimate comfort during treatment.

Pleasure to use

NubisProis a pleasure to work with, thanks to easy system for height adjustment.




NubisProis pleasantly rounded from all sides. There are covers available in several attractive colours for every taste.



The content of NubisPro:

•Physiotherapy mattress

•Headrest with breathing hole

•Table base (frame and legs)

•Electric pump

•Backpack with wheels