The Basics - How to Use CoreVYO


Steve Nash on Functional Training

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash credits CoreVYO and celebrated physiotherapist Dr. Rick Celebrini with extending his basketball career by a decade. Dr. Celebrini has been critical to the success of many well-known athletes, including Olympians and professional athletes.

The CoreVYO is an athletic harness that promotes and challenges correct body position and core control.


What makes this dual harness different?

Hear from Dr. Rick Celebrini on what makes the CoreVYO stand out from other resistance training and harness systems. To learn more about CoreVYO head to

Rick Celebrini, retired Canadian soccer defender, is the Head of Sports Medicine & Science for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Director of Rehabilitation for the Vancouver Canucks. He is also a founder and the Chief Sports Officer for the Fortius Sport and Health Athlete Development Centre in Vancouver. He traces the movement strategies underpinning CoreVYO’s effectiveness to a period of intense experimentation in 1997, collaborating with Alex McKechnie (now of the Toronto Raptors) on the rehabilitation of an NHL star at the time.


CoreVYO - Harness Greatness

CoreVYO optimizes athletic movement while enhancing strength and reducing injury. With two anchor points, the CoreVYO harness allows athletes to be both assisted and resisted on their field of play and in the gym. Dedicated to optimizing athletic performance, CoreVYO cofounders include: Steve Nash, two-time NBA MVP; ; and Dr. Rick Celebrini, PhD and sport physiotherapist.